Help with cloning opensuse to new HDD

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have a fully 250GB HDD which has XP and oS11.2 dual booting. openSUSE was installed after XP so grub was set up to boot from theb /boot partition leaving the XP MBR intact which is important because it also boots the factory recovery partition.. I've now got a new 500GB HDD and have reinstalled XP on it and now want to clone oS11.2 from my old disk to the new disk. I've set fstab and the grub menu list to use generic disks as opposed to disk IDs. I then created images of each oS partions using clonezilla. When I restore the partiton images to the new disk the disk won't boot. It seems the MBR has been messed up. I tried booting from an oS install DVD and repairing grub by setting it to boot from the /boot partition but that hasn't helped either. Can someone please tell me how I can clone oS and keep the MBR intact so it doesn't affect boot XP. At themoment I'm stuck without XP or oS booting. (Distributions)