Having a problem burning slack in WinXP

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http://www.linuxforums.org – For starters, Hello! I am having an issue, that I cannot figure out. I am using WinXP, and trying to burn slack 12.0 to a dvd. The burn process seems to stop at 89% when I try to burn it. So, I downloaded 11.0 from a different website and tried burning it, and it stops at like 49%. The weird part is, I downloaded crunchbang and burned it to a cd, and it worked perfectly. I cannot figure out why slack wont burn. I dont know if im asking this in the right place, for this site isnt called "Windows Forums":dazed:, I just have a feeling there is something going on with the specific ISO(s) that I downloaded...or my burner doesnt wanna burn slack. If anyone has an idea, I would appriciate it. :EDIT: I was trying the burning process in Nero and Active ISO burner, and they both do the same thing. (HowTos)