Having issue with actionscript button working with video

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http://www.daniweb.com – I have a .flv file (and also the original .mov from which the .flv was created) that i have imported into a new .fla - I also have created a button and assigned actionscript to the button that links to a new web page. The button works correctly. My issue is that I need the button to show up at 6mins42seconds into the video, and I don't know how to write the script to make it do so. I could do this easily if the video showed up frame-by-frame in my timeline, but since it's an external .flv and is only coming in as one keyframe I'm stuck. From reviewing the archives, I think I may need to use cue points? I have already re-encoded the .flv with a cue point added at the right place. The encoder also asked for 'name' and 'value' parameters for the cue point, which i wasn't sure what it wanted so just entered 'button' for both as a placeholder. Help is most appreciated, thanks. on(release) { getURL(("http://postcardprofits.com/order27/"); } (General)