Has anyone had any positive experiences with Windows 7?

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Has anyone had any positive experiences with Windows 7? I'm currently running Windows 7 at home on two laptops, a desktop, and numerous virtual machines that run off a Hyper-V server. Up until now, I've been primarily using the Enterprise and Ultimate versions of Windows 7. So far I've been really impressed with Windows 7. Very stable and works well even on older hardware. Windows 7 doesn’t seem to have the performance issues that plagued Windows Vista. It certainly doesn’t thrash the hard drive the same way Windows Vista did. The new Windows deployment and imaging tools make working with Windows 7 far easier than previous versions of Windows. I've done a few backups, installations, and restores for other people that went well and were finished in a few hours. I like being able to create a customized build for someone and then immedately grab a backup image in case something goes wrong later. I haven't tested the BitLocker or AppLocker features yet. The HomeGroup feature works well and was easy to setup. Has anyone else had any positive experiences with Windows 7 so far? (HowTos)