Hardware database in the Community website

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http://www.linuxmint.com – A new “Hardware module” was added to the Community website. This module allows you to register your hardware and to search for hardware devices based on multiple criterias. Here are some typical use cases of this module: You want to buy an nVidia 8600GT video card and you’d like to know if the 3D effects work well with it under Helena and what kind of FPS you can expect when playing your favorite games. You use the hardware module to search for Helena users who own a 8600GT and you check their notes. You’re shopping for a new printer and you’re wondering which ones are well recognized under Elyssa. You use the hardware module to search for printers which work under Elyssa. Using the Hardware module you can search for hardware using a combination of the following criterias: Model names Brands Types (printers, monitors..etc) Status (i.e. how well it works) Release (i.e. under which Linux Mint release) At the moment you can’t comment on a particular device, and so therefore you can’t have a conversation with the device owner that others would see but we’ll probably add that in very soon. Note: Other modules are planned and the community website (http://community.linuxmint.com) is still in ALPHA (so expect things to break now and then). (Distributions)