halevt does not pass mount-point to my script during OnInit

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – I am running halevt to support removable media for a custom system. I have an OnInit rule as follows: (OnInit means the device was already inserted before halevt was started) <halevt:Device match="&MOUNTABLE; &amp; (!hal.volume.is_disc | hal.volume.is_disc=false)"> <halevt:OnInit exec='halevt-mount -u $hal.udi - m 002 ; usr/sbin/myProgram Add_Init USB "$hal.udi$ "$hal.volume.mount_point$'/> </halevt:Device> myProgram is called but the $hal.volume.mount_point$ is null. When I check in /media the device is mounted there. So why was I passed null for the mount point, is there some kind of race condition. I have a similar rule for the case where a device is inserted after halevt is already started, and it works fine. That rule is for the case where a device gets a mount point, but in the case where halevt is started after a device is inserted, even that rule is not called. Any ideas? (HowTos)