hal daemon fails to start after F12 yum update

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi, I installed F12 on my EeePC 901 with KDE. I logged in, did a yum update, installed the rt2860 kmod from rpmfusion and logged out. The keyboard and mouse stopped working. I still could login via ssh. I restarted the laptop. When the login appeared again I was not able to use the keyboard nor the touchpad. I can't select other tty's either. Only the power button works. During bootup I can enter the passphrase for the encrypted /home partion. Also after pressing ESC I can see that one of the services fails to start - hal daemon. I booted with a rescue CD and set the "network" service to start and "NetworkManager" not to, so I could hopefully log on via the network. This approach does not work, I don't know why. How do i force the laptop to connect via eth0 before user logon? PS: When I changed the settings using chkconfig with the rescue CD then during the next bootup a SELINUX relabeling took place. Why? (HowTos)