Hah UEFI has humbled me see below for my rant

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – So, I tried to install Linux on my HP ENVY Windows 8 AMD 6-core 1.5 TB w/ 10 GB DDR3 and busted something as I was picking the partitions. My stubborness has got me refusing to use my factory reset disks ... I am mad at Windows for their UEFI anti-Linux setup and most of my Windows files are most likely intact but currently unavailable to me. (I am dissatisfied with HP as well.) I am on here using TAILS :p on the pc in question! 1) What is a good way to get to those windows files and save them on removeable media? 2) What is the "best" way to zap the UEFI without using a distro that (HowTos)