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http://serverfault.com – for some reason these files are not gzipping on my apache server, chrome network tab shows this. Is there a specific directive I can add to htaccess to cache these files? Compressing the following resources with gzip could reduce their transfer size by about two thirds (~680.45KB): adae8bc4c3cb52cbe22358aaced87a72.css could save ~607B css_f91fa8d73b5e7661d6dcf9e58395e533.css could save ~59.54KB jquery.min.js could save ~37.27KB drupal.js could save ~6.15KB auto_image_handling.js could save ~6.72KB lightbox.js could save ~29.38KB superfish.js could save ~2.42KB jquery.bgiframe.min.js could sav (HowTos)