Gtk2-Perl: Gnome2 1.043

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http://sourceforge.net – Overview of changes in Gnome2 1.043: Avoid misusing the macro PL_na, thus preventing issues when Gnome2 is used in conjunction with certain XS modules, among them XML::Parser and String::Approx; Created %meta_merge, which is used to pass META_MERGE values to EU::MM and CPAN::Meta; these populate META.[yml|json] and MYMETA.[yml|json]. View the source in the Gtk2-Perl git repo at https://git.gnome.org/browse/perl-Gnome2/tag/?id=rel-1-04-3 or download the source release at http://downloads.sourceforge.net/gtk2-perl/Gnome2-1.043.tar.gz (Software)