GTK+: GTK+ 2.17.4 unstable release

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http://blogs.gnome.org – This is a development release leading up to GTK+ 2.18. Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.17.3 GtkEntry now has model-view separation, with GtkEntryBuffer. One intended use case for this is to support ’secure memory’ for password entries. The print dialog can now optionally include the page setup controls, avoiding the need for a separate page setup dialog in many applications. Coloring of visited links in GtkLabel can now be turned off, with the ::track-visited-links property. Support for clipmasks in gdk_draw_pixbuf now works, this will introduce visual changes in code that uses clipmasks when drawing pixbufs. However, since this never worked that is unlikely to happen. Old code using gdk_pixbuf_render_threshold_alpha masks when rendering pixbufs will now produce truncated results at the edges. A number of regressions from the client-side window merge have been fixed. 4 bugs fixed in this release! See the original announcement for more info and downloads. (Software)