GTK+: GLib 2.22 Stable Release

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http://blogs.gnome.org – GLib 2.22 is a stable release adding an incremental improvement in functionality over GLib 2.20 while maintaining binary and source compatibility. Major new features include: GArray, GPtrArray, GByteArray, GTree and GMappedFile can be reference counted. GLib can be forced to reload the XDG user directory mapping. The GLib mainloop supports per-thread default contexts. GIO now provides types and methods for IP addresses and UNIX domain socket addresses. GResolver provides asynchronous and cancellable APIs for resolving hostnames, reverse lookup of IP addresses and resolving SRV records. Support for network IO has been added to GIO, including low-level socket API and high-level API for network connections and services. GIOStream and its subclasses have gained support for read-write access. GIO supports starting and stopping of drives, which can be used in connection with external hard disk enclosures, disk arrays, iSCSI devices, etc. GIO supports user interaction during unmount and eject operations. GIO can store and retrieve per-file metadata. For more details and lists of fixed bugs, see the announcements of the 2.21.x development releases: 2.21.0, 2.21.1, 2.21.2, 2.21.3, 2.21.4, 2.21.5 and 2.21.6 (Software)