Grub2 isn't finding Solaris 11 but finds Fedora17/WinXP

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I am trying to have my computer run four operating systems, FreeBSD, Solaris 11, Fedora, and XP(soon to be 7). My FreeBSD, Solaris 11, and Fedora are all to be partitioned on a different hard drive than my Windows OS. Currently, I have Solaris 11 and Fedora installed on this hard drive, but not FreeBSD. As stated in the title, Fedora17 and WinXP are being found easily, while Solaris 11 is not being found at all after being installed. I look on my Fedora 17 filesystem and the partition with Solaris 11 is visible and also is described as "Bootable". I've browsed a few forums and (HowTos)