Grub2 cannot see cloned ubuntu install

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http://askubuntu.com – Ive cloned my ubuntu installation, but cannot get grub2 to see it. Before I had the install on /dev/sda1 and a grub boot prtition on /dev/sda2 I copied them both to a new disk - now boot prtition is on /sdb1 and the cloned partition (using gparted) is on /sdb2 Ive set the BIOS boot order ot boot from the driv ive copied to. At startup the first time it booted into the old install (this was expected, since I hadnt changed the grub entries) But now, while in my 'old' installation, if I run grub-mkconfig it only finds the install on /dev/sda1, and not its copy on /dev/sdb2 Ive tried reinstal (HowTos)