GRUB2 and EFI - File not found?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I'm running Linux on a 8,3 2011 MacBook Pro. It uses EFI/rEFIt to boot. I was able to install GRUB2 EFI support, and it shows up just fine in the rEFIt boot menu. Everything seems to be working there. What I did was this: apt-get source grub2 sudo apt-get build-dep grub2 cd grub2-1.99 export EFI_ARCH=x86_64 ./configure --with-platform=efi --target=${EFI_ARCH} --program-prefix "" make This built everything required. Then, it was time to install the compiled grub.efi image: cd grub-core ../grub-mkimage -O ${EFI_ARCH}-efi -d . -o grub.efi -p "" part_gpt part_msdos ntfs ntfscomp hfsplus fat (HowTos)