GRUB won't boot into windows 7, and windows 7 recovery erases ubuntu...

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http://www.linuxforums.org – Whenever I select Windows 7 under GRUB, it just hangs at a flashing underscore windows 7 is installed under my first primary partition, what should the GRUB section look like for it? I can't check what mine looked like because this happened: I started up the windows 7 recover (another option under GRUB, on hd(0,3). 7 is on hd(0,1)) and it worked. I decided that i wanted to try something else before i restore my windows 7 partition to its factory state, so i exit the recovery thing. Next thing I know, my Ubuntu partition is completely gone, along with my grub.cfg files -.- Partitions are like this in this order: sda1: Windows 7 (can't boot into) sda8: ubuntu (gets erased) sda5: partition i'm going to use soon for another distro sda6: Fat 32 partition for media files, etc. sda7: swap partition sda3: Windows Recovery sda4: really small fat32 partition that i think ASUS uses for quick boot Asus Eee PC btw. oh, and by default, there was like 20 MB of free space in front of my windows partition (idk why asus did that) and when i shrunk my first partition (the windows one) it moved it all to the left -.- do you think something when wrong while doing that? Although when I reinstalled Ubuntu, it still gave me the option to use my bookmarks and stuff from my windows 7 partition. And I can access all of the files. (HowTos)