Grub rescue-error: unknown filesystem

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http://askubuntu.com – i have installed ubuntu inside windows and then afterwords i installed fedora 16...all time during start up its show os selection by grub loader but after i did some partition on windows its shows error:unknown filesystem.enterting rescue mode.. grub rescue> grub rescue>ls (hd0)(hd0,msdos9)(hd0,msdos8)(hd0,msdos7)(hd0,msdos6)(hd0,msdos5)(hd0,msdos3)(hd0,msdos2)(hd0,msdos1) and then i found out content of partition root as u told.. grub rescue>ls (hd0,msdos7)/ ./ ../ lost+found/ etc/ dev/ boot/ var/ sys/ proc/ lib64/ usr/ bin/ home/ lib/ media/ mnt/ opt/ root / run/ sbin/srv/ tmp/ .readahesd g (HowTos)