Grub-Install can't Find Kernel and/or initrd, mkinitcpio Fails

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – cfr wrote:So you have a combined EFI/boot partition? That is, you do have a separate /boot (separate from /) but it is identical to your EFI partition?Do you know if that set up can work? That is, can grub use a /boot which is formatted as fat 32?The usual set up, I think, is to mount the efi partition at /boot/efi. (Whether /boot is separate from / or not.)Well, it worked for me for a day or so before I messed it all up.Looking at the Arch documentation for grub-efi, I am seeing that mine is not the usual setup. However, I loosely followed a guide that installed grub on /boot, which was the E (HowTos)