Grub failure and now waiting for device

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hello Everyone, It has been a frustrating 2 weeks and after reading lots about how to do it from some great boards, I am left with a question or two remaining. 2 weeks ago, my power supply blew, during close-down. My system is a SUSE Linux 10.1 and openSUSE 11.1 dual boot with WInXP (for those family things). After replacing the power supply my system had no root partition, or loader. It said something like "Invalid Partition table". Grub had gone! So following swerdna's "How to Boot into openSUSE" tutorial I used the openSuse 11.1 install CD rescue option to get to the command prompt, su'd, went to grub and followed the stated commands. So far so good. However the new grub entry openSUSE (Failsafe) has a problem. It starts to boot in the usual way, but I note fatal Module errors in the boot log relating to sata_nv not found , ide_pci_generic not found etc, and Fatal error inserting edd (/lib/modules/ no such device but uses udev as boot source until Waiting for device /dev/disk/by-id/ataST3120827AS-4M60PX7V-part6...... and then it exits to /bin/sh. My fdisk looks Dev Boot Start End Blocks Id Syst /dev/sda1 1 1306 10490413 c w95 fat32 /dev/sda2 1307 2612 10690445 c w95 fat32 /dev/sda3 * 2613 14593 96237382 f w95 ext'd /dev/sda5 5486 8096 20972862 83 linux /dev/sda6 8097 10695 20987643 83 linux /dev/sda7 10699 14593 31310653+ 83 linux If there is anyone who can assist I would be greatly appreciative. This has been a big learning curve, frustrating but almost fun, and then I need to follow another tutorial for the dual boot thing. Thanks John. :) (Distributions)