Great Linux Games including 3D Games!

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http://reviewglitz.com – Most of the gamers just stick on to Windows Vista because they think of games ie. the real GAMES only go with windows!. Well that is a misconception! There are also many smart games with quality Graphics and also many opensource funny games. The greatest fact about this is everything is free!!. Well many people does not even think of the possobility of games in linux!. Well I did!! Here are my results!! .. There are a lot of games, linux only games, 3D games,games for both linux and Windows etc!! ... Well I reached another conclusion!! Why the hell people use Vista? These are my compiled list of Games!! 1.Maniadrive There is a passion for young gamers for the racing games!.. Well games like need for speed is currently dominating the racing world, but there are games for linux too!! Check out the game!.. Its a cool 3D game with medium Graphics. A 3D game for linux users!! (General)