Got less output with print0 option on find?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – I have read the man page and other references, but I am still confused by the behavior of find with print0 option. -print0 This primary always evaluates to true. It prints the pathname of the current file to standard output, followed by an ASCII NUL character (character code 0). [me@users ~]$ find /some/path/ -iname "*intro*jpeg" -o -iname "*intro*jpg" 2> /dev/null /some/path//asdf199Intro-5kqlw.jpeg /some/path/199intro-2jjaj.JPEG /some/path/199intro-3.jpg /some/path/wuer199intro-4.JPG /some/path/xbzf199INTRO-1.jpg [me@users ~]$ find /some/path/ -iname "*i (HowTos)