Google Gadgets --- Fail to find proper environment

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Code: [nokia@localhost ~]$ ggl-gtk -l 0 Initialize curl_xml_http_request extension. Initialize default_framework extension. Initialize libxml2_xml_parser extension. Initialize default_options extension. Initialize dbus_script_class extension. Initialize gtk_edit_element extension. Initialize gst_video_element extension. Initialize gtk_system_framework extension. Initialize gst_audio_framework extension. Initialize linux_system_framework extension. Initialize analytics_usage_collector extension. Initialize google_gadget_manager extension. Initialize smjs_script_runtime extension. Failed to find proper Gecko Runtime Environment! Finalize smjs_script_runtime extension. Initialize gtkmoz_browser_element extension. Initialize gtk_flash_element extension. Finalize gtk_flash_element extension. Finalize gtkmoz_browser_element extension. Finalize google_gadget_manager extension. Finalize analytics_usage_collector extension. Finalize linux_system_framework extension. Finalize gst_audio_framework extension. Finalize gtk_system_framework extension. Finalize gst_video_element extension. Finalize gtk_edit_element extension. Finalize dbus_script_class extension. Finalize default_options extension. Finalize libxml2_xml_parser extension. Finalize default_framework extension. Finalize curl_xml_http_request extension. [nokia@localhost ~]$ Upon installing F11 I started only once Google Gadgets, and while adding my usual applets it crashed. Besides this error I get a small window on the screen with the follwing text Quote: Program can't start because it failed to load the following module(s): js-script-runtime Reinstalling google gadgets packages hasn't changed anything. The same goes for doing Code: rm -vfr ~/.google I'm open to ideas :) (HowTos)