Good Shooters with no aimbots/hacks?

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http://androidforums.com – Shooter = FPS or 3rd Person Shooter. I am looking for more multiplayer PC Shooters with no aimbots/script kiddies. I have some additional desires 1. Free 2 Play and not pay 2 win. 2. No classes. 3. No jet-packs/flight suits/planes. 4. No Steam Games(I despise steam) I dislike the battlefield heroes and Team Fortress games. So far I have only found 2 shooters I like. APB Reloaded(Unfortunately this one is pay2win) Offensive Combat(Perfect game. F2P not Pay2Win. No aimbotters/cheaters.) EDIT: I do also like Red Eclipse but the other players do not like the same game modes as me. I have tried (General)