Good android phone at the $200-$250 mark

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http://androidforums.com – I'm currently using a Nexus S 4g with bad esn as a "ipod touch alike" running Cyangenmod 9 and i love it. since i'm using T-Mobile and the nexus s have bad esn, i have to carry a cheap feature phone with recessive touch screen and i hate it ( i can't text fast on that phone and it is bulky to carry two devices ) i think a Used Nexus S 4g on sprint with bad esn will sell for around $140 on ebay, after ebay and paypal ridiculous fees i think i will get around $110 in my hand. i have around $120 in my pocket atm. i'm thinking about get a Nexus S GSM version but Nexus S only have 16 GB (General)