gnuplot do not take my variable

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http://www.unix.com – Hi! i want to print ot my data of the last seven days with gnuplot. in a script i put my gnuplot-script and at the top i generate my date-variable. Code:   #/bin/bash -e # Gnuplot script "API_Status.txt" # set terminal postscript color landscape dl 2 lw 2 'Helvetica' 15 ; # set output "status.eps" # Variable - TIME Z=7    # Zeitspanne M=$`date +%m` D=$`date +%d` Ma=$`date --date="$Z days ago" +%m` Da=$`date --date="$Z days ago" +%d`   gnuplot -persist << EOF #set terminal postscript eps color set key off    (HowTos)