Gnuplot 4.6 xtics label disappear

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http://stackoverflow.com – I decided to migrate to the latest version of gnuplot from 4.4 to 4.6 I am having issue with the x label disappearing with version 4.6 but being there with version 4.4. here is a stripped down version of my script. set key outside set title "MY TITLE" set timefmt "%m/%d/%Y-%H:%M:%S" set format x "%m/%d %H:%M" set xdata time set ylabel "Y LABEL" set xlabel "Time" set grid set xtics rotate by 90 offset 0,-5 set terminal pngcairo size 1000,500 font ",9" set xtics font ",8.0" set ytics font ",8.0" set output 'test.png' plot '-' using 1:2 with linespoints ti "legend" 01/01/2013-00:15 186557 01/01 (HowTos)