gnu tar creates multiple odd directories with numeric names when extracting

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – hello I become to use tar with incremental feature for archiving data under ubuntu. But when I try to extract archive later under windows (using gnu tar also) it creates many directories like this: <...> 11324447220 11324447221 11324447223 11324447247 11324447275 11324447331 11324447343 11324447344 11324447345 <...> home etc Internal structure of each of those directories is similar to main archived structure (subdiectories home and etc). Some files are archived in those subdirectories (for example: 11324447345/home/user1/document.txt) and some on main level (as they expected). I can't find any rule for it. Under linux everything seems to be ok. What is the problem? It's a matter of some tar switch or bug? (HowTos)