GNU libc 2.16 build fails

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I tried to get the new glibc 2.16 working... make didn't fail, but at make check: tests/dlfcn: Error 2 Didn't find any useful information about it. I also installed it several times: ../glibc/configure --prefix=... gives quite big libraries (libc smaller than libc-2.16, why that?) ../glibc/configure BUILD_CC='gcc' CC='gcc' --prefix=... gives even bigger libraries, anyone know why? Is there any special way (configuring) fedora (using F17) gets a small and fast library shipped by default? ../glibc/configure BUILD_CC='gcc' CC='gcc -mx32' CXX='g++ -mx32' --prefix=... -> make fails I assume G (HowTos)