GNOME Foundation: Stormy’s Update: Weeks of February 15th and February 22nd

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http://blogs.gnome.org – I think the number of different projects and conversations I am having has maxed out my multiprocessing capabilities. This week I am going to spend more time logged out of email and working on one project at a time. Presented at IASA. Great conversation. Very interactive group. Made a couple of local government contacts – people involved in promoting open source in government IT infrastructure. Attended OSS Watch phone Advisory Board Meeting. Worked on GUADEC sponsorship. It’s coming along well. Still waiting for a lot of people to finalize plans through. Advisory board meetings. Met with several more adboard members – still haven’t met with everyone though! Board meeting. GNOME Foundation IRC meeting. Several good meetings with Rosanna. Updating the Friends of GNOME gifts spreadsheet for Rosanna (ping her a lot with questions.) I sent her the list of Friends of GNOME Adopt a Hacker folks who have earned their tshirt! Sent new Adopt a Hacker folks contact info to people that will send them post cards. Settled on date and location for Meet the Funders in California. Need to finalize date for New York. Looked into adding conversion tracking to our GNOME ads on Google Adwords. Attended Women’s Caucus meeting. They will have an all day track Sunday at Libre Planet. Attended the Grace Hopper Open Source track committee meeting. Didn’t attend the OpenWorld Forum meeting as they only dial in number was an international number. Agreed to give GNOME keynote at LinuxTag. Johannes Schmid agreed to put together the GNOME track. Please contact him if you are interested in speaking about GNOME at LinuxTag. Sent out thank you email to Friends of GNOME. Worried about all the GNOME folks in Chile. I think we are almost ready to launch the Friends of GNOME ruler. At least it looks very good and I wrote an intro email for the launch! Students on Project Possibility picked several GNOME projects – work on Caribou and Orca. Worked on GNOME’s participation at Idlelo 4. Had a gazillion email conversations on a trillion different topics. This week: Letter for annual report. Friends of GNOME & Google ads: conversion tracking codes and landing pages. Finish Friends of GNOME gift spreadsheet update. Make sure all GNOME events are on track and well represented by speakers. Help if I can. (Finding people, not attending them all!) Catch up on all my email conversations and make sure nobody is waiting on me … I get very little feedback to these updates. Feel free to leave feedback, ideas or comments! (Software)