GNOME Foundation: Stormy’s Update, Week of May 4, 2009

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http://blogs.gnome.org – Marketing GNOME 3.0 Marketing Working on a plan for GNOME 3.0 marketing with Paul Cutler. Paul sent out a plan to create a plan. We will use the discussion and feedback on the list to create a calendar. See thread on the marketing mailing list if you are interested in participating. Planning GNOME 3.0 BOF at GUADEC with Paul Cutler. Working on standard presentations for GNOME for people interested in speaking on GNOME. Discussed whether we’d want to add ads to gnome.org. (Rumor has it they could be worth up to $145K/year.) Agreed to approach Google about sharing revenue generated from search from aps like Epiphany. Put together a draft for how to recruit sponsors for GNOME. Legal stuff: Agreement with SugarCRM for free use of their services being reviewed by attorneys. 401K plan being reviewed by attorneys. (Setting up a GNOME Foundation 401K with SocialK. Plan costs, including matching funds for Rosanna and Stormy, to be covered by a paycut to Stormy.) GNOME Accessibility Outreach program contract. Modified the contest contract to be a more generic contract so that we can continue to have people work on the tasks even though the contest is officially over. Sent to attorney for review. Friends of GNOME got feedback from several people, brought it up on the marketing list published April data discussed how to get data for a ruler on the webpage Desktop Summit On going: Looking for rooms for the adboard and board meeting. Looking for a local person to help work with two sponsors that want to host parties. (In addition to the two that are already connected.) Pinged companies that have not finalized sponsoring plans. Finalized agreement with two of them. Still several outstanding. Sponsors: Exchanged email with three companies interested in signing up. (These have been on-going conversations for a while.) Contacted two other companies I think might be interested. Had a phone discussion with one. Pinged one that is way behind on payments. (Software)