getting error in my perl script

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http://www.unix.com – hi Here is my code written to identify the particular position which is after a string (chr*). my input file looks some thing like this Code: aaanbb:anhn:iuopl:12345 chr1 12345 asnmkol * # kjiiii.....anmkij:lpolk:lopll:abnnj chr5 123222 polko * dddfgg .... aaanbb:anhn:iuopl:aanjuj chr2 44345 asnmkol * # kjiiii.....anmkij:lpolk:lopll:abnnj chr7 567222 polko * dddfgg .. i wanted to get the @pos as the immediate occurance after chr* as there are 2 such occurances in each line the first occrance has to be stored in pos[0] and second in pos[1] for pos[0] pattern search has to be made wih in (HowTos)