Gettin decent hw info from box that fits A4 page

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi folks, right now I'm going through all the stuff that pilled up in my basement and trying to get an overview. What I like to acomplish is an A4 page that lists the hardware for each individual box. Skimming the net I found some nice progs to get a listing of installed hardware. But to be honest its to deep and will not fit one page. The progs I used so fare are lshw lsusb dmidecode beside most of them have a -short option they all put out to much. So anyone of you know a script or better a program that'll give me a page full of info like: cpu type and number hd's and cdrom installed as well as size memory type and size USB type (1,2,3) and numbers etc. Else I might just grep and awk lshw to get some nice page. Maybe you have some ideas what should be included and what not. Cheers zhjim (HowTos)