Get your wireless adapter working with NDISWRAPPER!

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http://feedproxy.google.com – Much to linux users’ frustrations, many hardware and its specification’s labels do not endorse any support for linux. While the folks at Kernel.org tries their best to include common and popular hardware drivers into the kernel, there are bound to be some left out. One of these hardware is wireless 802.11 wifi adapters. Due the various chipsets used by different vendors and manufacturers, some of them may not be supported by current kernels and thus causing distress to linux users whom have purchased these wifi cards and usb adapters. There is a tool available that can make use of the Windows drivers that come with the wifi adapter and make the wireless adapter work in linux. Enter NDISWRAPPER This tool is present on most popular linux distro repositories. Some distros even have a graphical user interface for this tool. More info here NDISWRAPPER on Wikipedia Howto guide on LinuxQuestions NDISWRAPPER on Debian Wiki Using Ubuntu NDISGTK GUI to activate wireless cards : Kimbriggs.com SGLNX recommends noobs to learn how to use ndiswrapper. Related Posts: Noob Introduction to Kernel Mode Settings and Rootless X-Server Linux Kernel in a Nutshell Fun with Bluetooth on Linux Make Ubuntu complete with these additional installations! CheckInstall for linux newbies (General)