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http://www.tuxradar.com – With HomeBank you can automate recurring transactions, set reminders for future transactions, assess your future account balance so you can plan your spending sprees and manage your expenses expertly. You see, we work hard for our pay cheques - well, some of us work harder than others - and we spend money on groceries, utilities and, ahem, fun Fridays. But keeping track of what's coming in, when the bills are due and how much is left after the recurring monthly expenses is not something that many of us make the effort to do. It's time-consuming and boring and there's always that episode of 24 that you'd rather be watching. If you take the time to master some good home accounts software - such as HomeBank or one of the other great apps we featured in our home finance software group test - you'll find these accounting chores much less painful. Read on! read more (IT news)