gentoo install with minimal CD giving " no such file or directory " while mke2fs

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hi ,I want to "really" learn linux so I decided to go for gentoo .not ubuntu . So plz go easy with me :P I used unetbootin In windows 7 to make a 4 GB live USB with gentoo minimal . So I have a 120 GB disk 0 : c:30 gb d: 20gb e:20 gb f:20gb h:25gb ...this is where i want to install gentoo and i found out using fdisk that this is sda6 . I logged in and created partitioins as given i handbook all right and i got three sub-partitions: /dev/sda6p1..boot /dev/sda6p2 ...swap /dev/sda6p3...root (HowTos)