General LG Connect VS LG Motion VS Coolpad Quattro 4G

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http://androidforums.com – Ok I know what many people are going to say , The Motion is the best , The Motion is better and tons awesomer , This is what I have to say , I need a phone with atleast a 1 Ghz processor , Half a gigabyte of ram , and less than $170 , the Motion is a great phone but I really need a 3.7 inch screen or bigger for myself , My prefered screen sizes are 3.7,4.8,5.3 inches , But 4 inches is great as well Now I have some more things to say , The motion is $170 at my local store , plus $15 to switch The Connect , I will need a USED replacement , for $100 , in 4-7 shipping days which is a (General)