gcc compiler output + locale mismatch?

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – I just ran an update on my system and overrode my /etc/locale.gen. I have went ahead and reenabled the locales I have normally used.My gcc compiler output however is displaying non-native english symbols, namely "â".The output from calling locale -a is C en_US en_US.iso88591 en_US.utf8 ja_JP ja_JP.eucjp ja_JP.ujis ja_JP.utf8 japanese japanese.euc ko_KR ko_KR.euckr ko_KR.utf8 korean korean.euc POSIX zh_CN zh_CN.gb18030 zh_CN.gb2312 zh_CN.gbk zh_CN.utf8 zh_TW zh_TW.big5 zh_TW.euctw zh_TW.utf8 .  Prior to the update the compiler output was just fine using the same locales.&#160 (HowTos)