FTP Uploads 0 Bytes on Linux Only [closed]

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http://serverfault.com – I've got a bit of an odd FTP issue. I'm trying to upload a file (about 12 megs) to a client's FTP server. Whenever I try, 0 bytes are uploaded, and the connection eventually times out. Small files (like text files) upload fine. I'm in PASV mode and binary mode. Here's the weird thing: it works on my local computer (running OS X Lion). But any Linux machine I try, 0 bytes are uploaded. Here's what the logs look like: put: USER XXX get: 331 Password required for XXX put: PASS ******* get: 230 User XXX logged in put: CWD XXX get: 250 CWD command successful put: TYPE I get: 200 Type set to I p (HowTos)