fstab's wierd mount issue

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have 2 Virtual Machines with OpenSuse 11.2 installed on both of them. One machine has KDE and the other GNOME. My /etc/fstab entry in machine 1 is as follows: ----------------------------------------------- //MyWindowsIP/Mountest /mnt/win cifs iocharset=iso8859-15,uid=270,gid=501,rw,workgroup=WRKGRPNAME,file_mo de=0664,dir_mode=0775,user="fname\lname",password= xxxx 0 0 Note:- Since there is a space between fname and lname in my windows crendentials, I escaped it with a \ It worked fine initially and my user was able to write to the windows registry (this is in KDE) But when I went to other machine (which has GNOME in it) and i used the same mount option, I was not able to do that. Please answer the following doubts which I have in my mind: Can both of my Virtual Machines be mounted at the same time and be given write access to a same shared folder in windows? Please note that the user and group are same in both the virtual machines (same uid and gid as well) When I rebooted my machine-1 (which was working fine initially) I was not able to mount the windows folder. I am getting an error: Domain name specified twice. Username probably malformed mount error(13): Permission denied. How can I overcome it? It was working fine initially but when I rebooted the virtual machine (first one) I am not able to mount it. Why is it so? I appreciate your input to the above questions and solving the dilemma I'm in right now.. Thank you (Distributions)