fstab error, can't boot, can't edit fstab

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – My machine is stuck. I have made a mistake in fstab which causes the boot to hang (stop). "An error occurred during the file system check". I am using F11. I am asked for my root password, which I enter and get to the # prompt. I vi /etc/fstab but can't save changes to the file. I have booted via livecd thinking I could get to the drive (mount the drive) and edit fstab from there, but I can't even see the drive to mount it right now. Probably because I am just too new to linux. I can see a secondary drive that is there. My preference is just to fix the fstab via vi /etc/fstab, so can any one give easy to follow instructions on how to get around the read-only issue? (HowTos)