Frequent Dolphin Crashes

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I really want to like Dolphin. It seems like it's very versatile as a file manager and would work great once I learn how to take advantage of it. But I can't, it keeps crashing! So far it's the only part of opensuse 11.2 I've been unhappy with. Every single time I try to use Dolphin for more than a couple minutes, it crashes. It doesn't matter if I'm using it or not. If it's just sitting in the background, it crashes. If I'm browsing files, it crashes. If I look at it wrong, it crashes. This frequently happens on both our desktops. One is an Intel Core 2 Duo on an X48 board, and the other is an AMD 5050e on a 790G motherboard. Completely different platforms with vastly different desktop settings. So for now I have good, old Konqueror set as my file manager. But I'd love to know why Dolphin keeps crashing. How do I go about diagnosing this problem? (Distributions)