Freescale’s 7-inch tablet runs Android, Chromium OS or Linux, costs $200 (video) (Engadget)

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http://linuxbizz.com – Remember the $200 smartbook reference design that we saw at CES this year? Well, it’s back, it’s holding on to that same price and 7-inch enclosure, but this time it’s also showing off an expanded OS compatibility. Adapting the open source Chromium OS and another Linux variant to the ARM architecture of the prototype device was apparently not much of a hurdle for Freescale, who has an Android … (more here…) Related items Yellow Dog Linux licks CUDA (The Register) WordPress Guns for Web Content Management Duties (PC World) Rivals Report Boost from Microsoft’s Browser Ballot (NewsFactor) Motorola Releases Two New Android Smartphones (NewsFactor) Victoria expands Linux e-voting roll-out (ZDNet Australia) (General)