Free usenet server in UK / good newsreaders

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http://forums.opensuse.org – It's been a week of exciting discoveries. I simultaneously feel far too old (just visited a chatroom for the first time in ten years or so, just to check IRC worked), and far too young (having never used usenet)... So can anyone tell me which free usenet server (are they called list-servers?) I should get on in the UK? Specifically to look at the archives for the SUSE mailing lists more easily, in case that matters*. Though no doubt once I have it installed I'll look at some other stuff too - I'm hoping, naively or not, that any given server tends to carry pretty much everything. Also what newsreaders work well for gnome and kde? ** I've installed pan on my gnome box, which seems highly regarded, though I don't know whether it's still developing. Does everyone on the other side just use Knode or what? Also, what is the internet thing everyone keeps talking about? :) Thanks... * Yes, I am aware they're available on this particular tube as well! I just would like to see how it works using newsreader software, to see if I prefer the interface. ** Yes, I know, I hate that kind of question too. But I'm not asking you to tell me which one is best, just to give me a shortlist to look into, because most of the run-downs I've found by googling seem quite old, and I've never really trusted those things too far anyway... At least on a forum you kind of know some of the people and personalities that come with the recommendations, if you see what I mean... (Distributions)