Formatting CookieManager.getCookie response to cookie format in Android

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http://stackoverflow.com – I've been struggling with this issue for some time, and yet to find a solution that works. I can successfully obtain all of the cookies received by a WebView in my app, but when I call CookieManager.getCookie with the base URL I receive a single string like below: 07-13 22:27:08.670: D/Cookie(27910): http://m.espn.go.com/wireless/?w=1d2oe&i=COMR&src=desktop -- fsr.lc=3; SWID=02A38067-3583-42C7-9478-DE3ACE558F2D; country=united%20states; DS=b3B0b25saW5lLm5ldDs7NzM3NDE1OztvcHRpbXVtIG9ubGluZTs=; DE2=dXNhO255O25ldyB5b3JrO2NhYmxlOzU7NDs0OzUwMTswNDAuODE3Oy0wNzMuOTQyOzg0MDszMzs1Nzs2O3VzO (HowTos)