Folder's taking up way more than it should

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http://serverfault.com – My server is chugging along with a 5GB drive, and unfortunately, it's 100% full. Going to delete some files, I notice that my Dropbox's taking up way more than it should. du -hs * returns: [excel@catfish ~]$ du -hs Dropbox/* 11M Dropbox/Apps 33M Dropbox/Cyberduck.app 377M Dropbox/Documents 2.0M Dropbox/Games 1.3G Dropbox/Public This adds up to about 1.8GB, which matches up with my Dropbox size on my other machines. However, running that in my /home/ returns: [excel@catfish ~]$ du -hs * 2.7G Dropbox 4.0K beepsh.c This extra gigabyte of space would really be useful u (HowTos)