focus-follows-mouse status and discussion

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I THINK that this is the right place for discussion given that F12 has hit the streets. The basic loss of the control for setting gnome's focus-follows-mouse in F12 has been recognised by users and a workaround posted: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showth...-follows-mouse It seems that this is as much bending to the upstream gnome folks directions as bending to the full desires of the Fedora folks. First question: Do I have the picture right? Is there a constituency for removing focus-follows-mouse at the Fedora level? What is the interface with the gnome developers? What is the background behind the decision? It seems that the control-center-extra package the adds the focus-follows-mouse control is not on the F12 DVD ISO and must be installed by yum after one is up and running. At least I don't see it in /Packages. Second question: What was the thinking behind not including it on the distribution so that it could be installed initially as an option? There are systems not on the net. I would at least like to see this included in the installation packages so that non-network connected systems can be properly configured. Finally, discussion. For those of us old Unix folks who can't imagine retraining the focus instincts after all these years, how can we best influence either the gnome level or the Fedora level to retain this (obviously superior) focus behaviour? Or do we all have to switch to the one true Windows way of doing things? I understand that others want the Windows style behaviour. I understand that the other mode might well be the best default choice for the Windows folks switching to Fedora. I even understand that there are some technical issues with implementing focus-follows-mouse in all the odd corners. However, it is a problem to have widely used technology just disappear without some very good reasons. What are the reasons? and what can we do to influence the retention of this mode of operation? (HowTos)