Fix for poor hd playback for 11.04 upwards

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http://askubuntu.com – Hi guys ive seen loads of posts on this site about poor 720/1080p playback in recent ubuntu versions I had this problem and fixed it so I thought id share it with everyone.... 1 install mplayer 2 install smplayer frontend {in software center} 3 open smplayer 4 go to "OPTIONS" then "PREFRENCES" then "GENRAL" 5 if you have a nvidia card choose "OUTPUT DRIVER" and select "VDPAU" {for ATI or AMD choose xv (0 - ATI Radeon AVIVO video) I dont know if this will work as my card is nvidia but it should) 6 go to performance on the left hand side and set both local and streaming cache to 99999 ( (HowTos)