fit-PC Slim Linux

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http://i486.net – fit-PC Slim is a tiny, noiseless, extremely power-efficient PC. Linux-PC with pre-installed Ubuntu Linux 8.04 for the best desktop experience and Gentoo 2008.0 for optimal performance, in dual boot mode. Being noiseless and costing under 10 cents a day in electricity, fit-PC Slim Linux is ideal as an always-on PC. NEWS Product Description fit-PC Slim is the smallest, most power PC power available. fit-PC Slim Linux is an out-of -the-box Linux PC, perfect as always on the server. Fit-PC Slim is pre-installed with Ubuntu and Gentoo Linux dual-boot mode. NEWS Specifications: CPU: AMD Geode LX800 500MHz ; Chipset: AMD CS5536 Display: Integrated Geode LX display controller up to 1920×1440 Memory: 512MB DDR 333MHz soldered on board Hard Drive: 60GB IDE Upgradeable 2. 5 “… http://www. amazon. com/fit-PC-Slim-Linux/dp/B001L18ED2%% 3FSubscriptionId% 3D0NE6GWHSGARQ173Z4GR2 26tag% 3Dindmal-20%% 26linkCode% 3Dxm2 26camp% 3D2025% 26creative% 3D165953% 26creativeASIN% 3DB001L18ED2 "rel =" nofollow "> More ‘ info>> fit-PC Slim Linux (General)