First post! Newbish software question: Clonezilla partition problem

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Hey there! Ok, here is basically a quick rundown of my situation: Lets say I have two physical hard drives: drive 1 and drive 2. Drive one has two partitions, each with an OS on it. Lets say I make an image of sda2 (which has windows 7 on it) and save it for later. Not a full disk image, just a partition image. Ok, so now I have a partition image of sda2 from hard drive #1. So now I get a brand new hard drive- hard drive #2. I install some stuff on it, have a good couple of partitions. 3 to be exact. I decide to move windows 7 over to that. Well, sda1 is occupied and so is sda2, so I decide (HowTos)