this firewall blocks input chain?

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http://serverfault.com – I used an online tool to create an iptables firewall. Basically I just need port 22 and 1194 open to the outside world. But I noticed this bash script has input, forward and output chains as accept by default. Is it blocking all traffic but those two ports? Thanks. IPTABLES=/sbin/iptables # Flush, Init and Zero the 'built-in' chains $IPTABLES -F INPUT; $IPTABLES -P INPUT ACCEPT; $IPTABLES -Z INPUT $IPTABLES -F FORWARD; $IPTABLES -P FORWARD ACCEPT; $IPTABLES -Z FORWARD $IPTABLES -F OUTPUT; $IPTABLES -P OUTPUT ACCEPT; $IPTABLES -Z OUTPUT $IPTABLES -F -t nat; # Setup user-defined chains $IP (HowTos)